Azure Private DNS Resolution from On-Prem

Howdy Folks Again here with a Microsoft Azure product experience, this time it’s about DNS resolutions. As you all know Microsoft Azure services have a networking feature called Private endpoints. This allows network users or services to access the MS-hosted services securely using a private IP address. I won’t go into details on what and […]

Securing Azure Monitor Services

Howdy folks, It’s been a while I blogged about something. And this time I’m here with Azure Monitor Services. The following diagram will explain most of it. Microsoft includes a few different services into Azure monitors, like Log Analytics, App, and VM Insights. Azure Monitor collects two main types of details from Azure Services, Metrics, […]

Using Azure Bicep EP-1

Recently I got to chance to work with Azure Bicep. I previously had experience with ARM templates. My first impression to Bicep was “WOW”, It seems pretty cool and I started enjoying scripting with Bicep, but there were some moments that I felt some bad feelings. All in all its pretty awesome πŸ™‚ So Started […]